Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We are Back

Welcome to our new site!
After taking a break from blogging we have realized that there are still many people who are curious as to how Callie is doing and would really like us to blog more. After two and a half years of mainly blogging about medical issues, I am ready for a change. We thought it would be good to start fresh - thus the new website. (Plus we were having issues with the formatting of the old site and I wasn't smart enough to know how to fix them).
The goal of this new site is to be more fun and upbeat and involve more than just a focus on Callie. I suppose I should start with how our blogging came to be in case there are new readers, so that will probably be mostly about Callie. Our "old stuff" will remain at, so people can see how far we, especially Callie, have come. But we won't be updating anything there again.
So thank you to everyone who has e-mailed and asked how we are doing and I hope you enjoy our new site.

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