Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Run

Jason is quite the runner Well, after having surgery the end of March for a torn meniscus he is becoming quite the runner, again. Anyway, now that Wyatt is five and enjoys running with Jason and the dog, we decided to sign Wyatt up for his first kid's run. A couple of weeks ago, Wyatt competed in a fun run and then Wyatt and Callie rode in the stroller while Jason completed his first 5K in a while. Wyatt was on top of the world with his run. He thought he did wonderfully and though he was tired towards the end, the people cheering him on gave him the energy he needed to finish strong. We are proud of him and hope to have him run a few more times this summer. And if you ask Wyatt, he will let you know he ran a "marathon" and he beat his dad! Look how hard he's concentrating in the photo!

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