Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boy's Birthday

Since I have mentioned the girls, I should probably mention Mr. Wyatt. Wyatt turned 5 a few days after Sadie's birth and was thrilled that his birthday was Sadie's first party to attend. Since Sadie had just been born, we decided to have a small, family party. Wyatt didn't seem to mind. He was able to pick out the decorations (Cars plates and napkins) and balloons (pink, teal, red, and yellow) and the cake (lemon). I didn't really know how to make a fun lemon birthday cake, and a few days before his birthday, he decided he wanted a lemon dumptruck cake. The dumptruck theme had been performed before for his second birthday. It was a chocolate cake so it worked well. But a lemon dumptruck? With the help of Granna, we improvised and I was very please with the results. It was a lemon-raspberry cake, complete with a functioning dumptruck! Wyatt had a great day and received some pretty neat gifts.

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