Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Blogging Start

We originally started blogging in July 2007 right after we found out we were pregnant with naturally conceived, identical quadruplets. I had mixed feelings about blogging but we ultimately decided that through our blog we could keep family and friends updated with correct information and we also hoped that through our experiences, we would bring glory to God as he worked in our lives through the pregnancy.

The pregnancy went well for a while and then around 18 weeks we found out two of the girls were experiencing twin to twin transfusion. In an effort to correct this, we flew to Providence, Rhode Island for a laser ablation surgery. This was the first time the surgery had been performed on identical quadruplets, anywhere in the world. From a medical standpoint, the surgery was a success, but our Baby Girl A was so sick when the surgery was performed, she was not able to recover and died in utero the night of the surgery. Before we left Rhode Island for Minneapolis, Minnesota, Baby Girl D looked to be recovering. I was stable when we arrived in Minnesota so I began bedrest in a hotel adjoining the hospital where I was to deliver. A week and a half into my stay, I experienced complications so I was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks. I was given the steroid shots to help the lung development of the girls and spent my days lying in bed praying that the girls could stay inside longer and we wouldn't have any more problems. At 24 6/7 weeks, for some unknown reason, I began having contractions that would not stop and the decision was made for the girls to be born. On November 4, 2007 the four sweetest little girls were born. Annika Peace, who died in utero, was born weighing 4 ounces. Daily Providence was born weighing 8 ounces. She was too small to survive but I had the incredible blessing of holding her and singing to her and praying for her as she died. Callie Ranelle weighed 1 pound and Berkley Claire weighed 1 pound 4 ounces. Three days after her birth, Berkley went to join her sisters in heaven.

Callie spent the first 209 days of her life in the NICU. While there, she underwent 8 surgeries and experienced a number of setbacks. She came home on May 30, 2008 dependent on a feeding tube and oxygen and needing occupational, physical and speech therapy two days a week, as well as in-home nurses. Due to her medical fragility, we were not able to expose Callie to germs, so her life has been pretty much secluded to the walls of our house and hospitals and clinics for doctors' appointments. Now that it is May 2010, Callie is finally stable enough to begin experiencing the world, and the germs that come with it. Our goal this summer, as odd as it may sound, is for Callie to experience a cold or two and see how her body is able to handle it. We are also hoping that now that she is able to be around people, her social skills will flourish as she interacts with others (who aren't familiar with Callie-talk).

Callie still has a few medical concerns (e.g. she is fed only by tube and takes nothing by mouth) but she is MUCH improved from where she was. So much so that it will be fun to focus the blog on a few other, more "normal" things for a change.

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