Friday, May 21, 2010


These are some of the many faces of Callie.


  1. Kelli -
    Callie is just precious and looks like she is getting so big. I am so glad you are blogging again I love keeping up with you guys! Sadie and Wyatt are both precious too!

    Stacy Amerson

  2. Kelli,
    Was so glad you started a blog. I have been praying for/keeping up with your family since before the babies came. Callie is adorable! Thanks for letting us have a peek into the Medders household.

  3. Oh she's so sweet, cute! Loved the birth announcement of Miss Sadie too! I will keep you posted if we ever get around to making a trip back to Fargo.

  4. I just saw your message from googlesite. it's amazing how she change since feb's picture. many many hair, she's a little girl now !!

  5. Hi Kelli! I saw a link to your page from Christy Friday Pearces' page. Callie is a doll! She looks so much like you, especially in the 5th picture. I'm glad your family is doing well.
    Emily Goforth Chatham

  6. It's so great to see those precious faces of a little girl that we've prayed for so much!!! I'm amazed at the work God has done in her life and continues to do in all of you!! It's great to see your new addition as well. God bless!!!!

  7. I have followed your other blog since the beginning. I have TTTS survivors that are 3.5 yrs old now. Callie has gotten so big and she is just gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition. You have a beautiful family.