Monday, August 1, 2011

Sadie Rose

Sadie, our little Norwegian. Jason and I are still trying to figure out her blond hair and blue eyes. I guess if you live in the Midwest long enough, you start having Midwestern babies.

Sadie is 98% pure sweetness and 2% pure rotten. She loves to be entertained by Wyatt, and she loves to push all of Callie's buttons. My hope is that one day they will get along. Callie is taller but Sadie almost weighs as much as her older sister. Sadie enjoys wrestling with Callie and if Callie makes her mad, she doesn't hesitate to retaliate.

Sadie is generally happy from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. She loves to eat. She loves to scream. She is, by far, the loudest of my children, and quite possibly, the loudest child I have ever heard. I really think she could shatter a glass. Screaming is her way of letting us know she is not happy with her current situation and I still am not sure how to deal with that. Sadie is stubborn when it comes to walking. She will take a few steps but then drops to crawling. She talks up a storm but in her own language. She has an infectious laugh. She adores animals. She gets so excited when she sees a cat or dog or even a picture of animals.

Sadie waiting for breakfast with her baby doll.

We had a friend take some pictures of us yesterday, and I love the ones of Sadie. She was a lot of fun to photograph.


  1. Aww, thanks for the Sadie post...wish I could hug that little cutie!!

  2. Aww, such cute pictures! I remember Wyatt being stubborn about walking too - must be a Medders thing. When are you two adults going out and needing a sitter??

  3. She definitely has some Kelli expressions... She is a beautiful little girl. I'm so glad you are posting on this blog. It's nice to know how your family is getting along and seeing pictures of your children as they grow up. And, if I remember correctly, you could be quite loud as a child, if the situation warranted..... love to everyone and your mom and dad.... Donna :)

  4. Okay your post made me laugh out loud. I had to read it to Carl. You see, I have a Lydia who we said was 98% sweet and 2% ridiculously sour at the same age as your Sadie. Much Love, it does get better :)

  5. All your kiddos are so cute, but this was so fun to see. I don't think I've seen a picture since she was a baby. That blonde hair IS funny since the others are so dark! Lovely! Great pics!
    I've got a new ladies group that started recently in FW and they have loved getting involved in praying for you all and especially Miss Callie. Big hugs to ya from TX.