Monday, August 15, 2011


Crafting is fun. The problem is, I don't seem to have much time to sit down and craft. The past few days I have been on a sewing kick, so I have gotten quite a bit done. My not-so-fun projects were tightening the elastic on four pairs of Wyatt's school shorts and one pair of Callie's pants. To balance out the much needed clothes repairs, I tried out some new ideas and am quite pleased with the results.

First off, I made Callie a new bow for her hair. I originally pictured the flower as part of a headband, but I am not successful at keeping those in Callie's hair. So I thought I would try it on a barrette. It looks cute but I am not sure how practical it is going to be. When I snap the barrette, I keep losing beads. Oh well. It didn't take much time and was fun to try. I am sure I can find another way to decorate with it.

Secondly, I had a cute shirt for Miss Sadie but it had two holes right in the front. Using an idea I saw at a crafting fair, I embellished the shirt with scraps of material and successfully covered the holes. I am really excited about Sadie being able to wear it soon.

The shirt before

The shirt after

My biggest project came from Sadie's need for shoes. Jason and I aren't huge fans of shoes for our children, especially before they start walking. Sadie has spent most of her life barefoot. She is finally starting to walk a little, mainly while pushing toys. Two times last week she cut open her big toe while playing outside. So I decided she might need the protection of shoes. My most favorite shoe for little kids is Robeez. Wyatt had a few pairs but Callie was never able to wear them due to her braces so I don't have any girl shoes. I also don't particularly care for the price of the shoes. So I used my Googling skills and found a pattern to make shoes. And once again, using material scraps, I made Sadie some shoes. I am quite excited about them and am already thinking of some different material combinations to try. Sadie might go from not owning any shoes to owning a pair for each day of the month!


  1. Very impressed with the shoes, Mrs. Medders!

  2. Hey, I think I have that same pattern for the shoes! In the winter, you can make some lined with fleece to keep her tootsies warmer. :D I've been thinking about trying to make a pair and inserting a couple of pieces of clean chip bags between the lining and the bottom of the sole - I saw chip bags between fabric in a blog once to make crinkly-sounding sensory toys.