Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Plans

My weekend plans include this child wearing these clothes, a bunch of stickers, and hopefully, a very patient mommy. Sound like fun?

Except for church on Sunday, we don't have anywhere to go until Thursday. If she doesn't potty train by then, she isn't ready. Hopefully we won't need until Thursday. Monday, at the latest, would be grand! I am kind of envious of people who can bribe their kids with candy to use the potty. My g-tube fed princess doesn't fall for such shenanigans. Thankfully, she has become interested in stickers so she gets to put stickers on her potty chart. Now our only problem is figuring out how to get my petite-sized friend on the toilet. She's so short, she needs a step ladder to climb up.


  1. Go Kelli! I can't help but chuckle to myself because Callie has always done things on her own timeline since she was born! Oh what a kid! Hey, when am I going to give you guys a date night with free child care??

  2. can't wait to hear the progress! did I tell you we have reached a standstill over here - Samuel uses the potty...but ONLY the LITTLE potty. No big potty for him. Which means diapers just in case when we go out, although he will often hold it for hours on end. It's somewhat a flush thing, but mostly a balance thing - he feels very unstable on the big potty - he can't get up on his own either... and plus, apparently it is "too cold" for his delicate behind! I need to step up my efforts too apparently!

  3. Wishing you luck!! We used stickers and a poster board and it worked like a charm.