Friday, February 18, 2011

Potty Training Success

I am happy to announce that 32 stickers and 3 accidents later, Callie is potty trained! It was actually a relatively easy process. I definitely think she was ready. She is very excited to be a big girl and wear big girl undies. The only problem now is that she has the new name "Miss No-Bum-At-All." She is wearing 24 month jeans with adjustable elastic pulled as tight as it will go and her pants still fall down. Actually, her training pants fall down, too. So now I need to figure out a way to gather all of her pants so they won't fall down. I have also given some thought to making her tiny belts. Since she still needs assistance to use the potty anyway, I thought belts might be an option.


  1. you could try some suspender braces over her shoulders to keep her pants up? and/or dungarees? (which I think are jumpers in the US?)


  2. What if you moved the side seams on her undies and cinched the waistband tighter, and just let her wear jumpers everyday!

    You could sew a huge butt pad into all her undies so she has a big poofy butt like the dresses in Cinderella! hehehe

  3. Wow! I know you are so proud of her. That is fantastic!

  4. Suzie If the eslastic is sewn in place just snip a hole in the waistband and pull it out and tie a little knot in it to make it smaller

  5. I meant if the elastic is not swen in place just snip a little hole in the waistband and pull it out and tie a little knot in it to make it a bit smaller. Suzie

  6. What about "sweat pants" - sometimes the waist seems smaller than on jeans - and they would be nice and warm in your COLD weather. I've seen cute ones for girlie girls!

  7. You could put a couple of stitches up at the top of the waste band by each of the side seams. Taking a little bit off each side still allows them to stretch normally - it just takes out some of the excess elastic.

    You can do a fold over or just cinch each side. And since you don't have to cut them, you can take the stitches out later and they are as good as new.

    I used to use safety pins on pants to do the same thing, but that might not be the best idea for a toddler.

    You could also tie little knots on each side of the panties. Just pull them tight so they don't come unraveled later. We did that on tank top straps that were too long and it worked great.

    Congrats on the potty training! What an exciting accomplishment.

  8. For my two super skinny mirco preemie boys, who still fit in nothing made for stores...

    1. I used diaper clips ( ) to fold over some of the fabric and make them snugger.

    2. I pulled out the sewing machine and started adding extra darts to the back and sides of the pants to pull them in tighter.

    3. I gave up, forget the stores. My boys need a size 4 waist and a size 6/7 length (they are almost 8). I went and bought a pattern for some basic cargo style pants and one for "dress pants" and cut the pattern out for the size 4 waist but the 8 length. Now they like that they have "custom made" pants, and I saved money.

    (my daughter has always been in love with long dresses. Much easier to adapt to the mircos)

  9. Hey kelly, I was looking at blog and I found this tutorial for making belts and I thought of you so I thought that i would pass it along.