Monday, February 14, 2011

Bah Humbug

I don't do Valentine's Day.**Thankfully my husband is not a fan either. Unfortunately this year, Wyatt is in school and is having a valentine's party. That means we had to give in and acknowledge the day with, ugh, valentines. After perusing the isles for appropriate cards, we settled on a 27 pack of animal valentines. Perfect. There are 23 kids in his class so there would not be many leftover. Jason was also quite happy that were made in the USA. When it came time to sign the cards, I opened up my box of 27 and was promptly disappointed to find that they didn't include envelopes. It was just the cards. And the cards were barely larger than a postage stamp. They were larger when I was little. And my box of 27? Yep, it had a total of 18 cards. Lovely. Now what to do? Well, even though this was a few days ago and I had time to go back to the store to return them, I wasn't in the mood. So I improvised. I decided to make his cards using materials I had around the house. Yippee! No need to buy anything. So I used my friend Google to find a few ideas and settled on butterflies. Wyatt did a fantastic job signing his name and thinks they are the best cards ever. And I am pretty happy to use up a bag of dum-dums that have been sitting around since the late '80's and a bunch a brightly colored paper that I never use. I am pretty happy with the outcome of our cards this year.

** If anyone would like to convince me that this day is worth celebrating, I will gladly accept balloons, flowers, chocolate, diamonds and anything else that might change my mind.


  1. Very nice Kelli! We too are not huge fans of the day but give in for the kids. Thankfully my 2, yes 2 boxes of valentines contained the appropriate amt. Had it not some kids would of definitely been left out today as I did not even open those boxes until 9pm last night. Clearly it wasn't a priority:)

  2. I'm impressed that you had 23 DumDum suckers just laying around :)

  3. You SERIOUSLY gave out suckers from the 1980's to little kids? Ugh!!

  4. Anonymous obviously doesn't have kids or a sense of humor.

    That said - I think they Valentine's you made are adorable. Great idea!!

    Valentine's Day is only great for new, young couples that haven't let reality seep in yet.

  5. This is off-topic, but you should send in a picture of Sadie to On The Minds of Moms Cutest Little Baby Face photo contest - deadline is March 1!

  6. KSDallas apparently doesn't understand a joke -
    I DO have children - 3 - and 8 grandchildren - AND a BIG sense of humor! Nuff said.