Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Stories

I have a few things in mind to write about but for now my time to write is short. Just so you know we are still around and doing well, I will leave you with some Wyatt comments from the past few days.

We are well into summer here in Fargo and the weather has been quite lovely - in the 70's and 80's. The other morning Wyatt came downstairs dressed for his day, in shorts and longsleeves. I told him that he would probably get hot in long sleeves and he told me not to worry because he had short sleeves on too so he would be fine.

Wyatt somehow got a circular scratch above his right eyebrow which he was pretty excited about. He said, "Mom, I look like I am from China now! You know how those people from China have dots on their forehead?"

At least he pays attention (somewhat) to his "People of the World" book. I guess we just need to differentiate a little better between China and India.

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  1. so wyatt and max like to dress alike. max is the same way. he usually insists on wearing jeans and a t-shirt but on days when i know it will be too warm for jeans i will tell him that he needs to wear shorts. to which he'll say okay and then come down with shorts and a long sleeve shirt on. i know he does it on purpose.