Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dedication Sunday

This past Sunday we had the wonderful privilege of dedicating Callie and Sadie. Due to all of Callie's medical issues in the past, we had to wait a couple of years before we were able to do so, but it was a great celebration to bring her, along with her little sister, to publically present before God.

Callie and Sadie Medders Dedication from Prairie Heights Community Church on Vimeo.


  1. What an amazing video. Even knowing and following your story all this time, I couldn't help but cry as it was recited. And just in time to save me from looking like a complete babbling idiot - Callie stepped up and gave me a good laugh. The personality you describe in your blog came out perfectly in the video. A little girl who knows what she wants and is very set on what she will or will not do. Gotta love a girl that doesn't hold back any punches. Thank you for sharing this - I know it wasn't easy.

    Love from Dallas...


  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I have had the blessing of praying for your family since those days of Kelly's bedrest so long ago. I have been privileged to follow your story, to cry with each loss and rejoice with each milestone your beautiful Callie achieved. Thank you for this glimpse of a very special day in your lives and the lives of Callie and Sadie. Congratulations and God bless you all!

  3. Kelly and Jason, What a beautiful testimony! Kelly, having known you most of your life, it's not a surprise that you have such strong faith, but rather an encouragement to others and your children and family. God truly is an AWESOME GOD. You and Jason have an awesome family. Congratulations on the birth of Miss Sadie Rose. Love to you all! Donna Griffith, Trussville, AL