Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brave or Insane?

Brave or insane? People couldn't figure out which of these we were when we told them we were going camping for the weekend. In a tent. With all three kids. And a dog. To be honest, I didn't know how it was going to turn out but we love camping so we thought we would give it a shot. Since Minnesota and its 10,000 lakes is right next door, we had plenty of options to choose from that kept us close to home just in case things went sour.

Things did not go sour, though. We had an incredibly great time. All three children were wonderful. Our campsite was about 75 feet from a playground so Wyatt had plenty to do. Callie would wander down to the playground then come up to see us and play with some toys and then wander around some more. Sadie just hung out and was content wherever we were - in the tent, out of the tent, in her stroller, or on a blanket on the lake shore.

Early on we did realize that we would have to keep a very close eye on Callie when we realized she wandered across the street to see how other campers were doing. She also managed to quickly climb a picnic table without us noticing. We caught her proudly standing on the top singing to herself.

The weather was beautiful and we spent our days by the lake, fishing and playing in the sand. We also took a walk into town for a visit to the candy shop. Both kids were able to pick out one piece of candy. Wyatt enjoyed his much more than Callie, but at least she tried.

The kids played so hard during the day that nighttime was not a problem. They slept as well as they do at home.

So all in all, our first camping trip was a success and we hope to do it many more times this summer.

Helping put up the tent.

My little southern girl - white dress and a dump truck!

She got some dirt on her hand and couldn't figure out how to get it off. She problem-solved by using her white dress as a napkin!

Callie working hard with the wagon.

Sadie being charming as ever.

Callie's sleeping accomodations. She actually loves the pack n play.

The man, the dog, the fish.

Callie wasn't much for the lake, but she thoroughly enjoyed standing in a pail of water.

Wyatt devoured his lollipop.

Callie liked her candy best with the wrapper still on.

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