Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Boys

Last week we moved Watson into his big boy room with Wyatt. Wyatt has been asking about it since we brought Watson home and since he now sleeps through the night, we thought it was time. We also decided it was time since Wyatt stayed up late one night and quietly rearranged his room to make a space for the crib. The boys now share a room and Wyatt LOVES it. I didn't realize it would be such a hard transition on Watson. Our other kids have stayed in our room for a couple of months then transitioned easily to their own bedrooms. Watson stayed extra long in our room and I think he was quite used to it. We had a couple of rough nights but I think he now likes his new space. I am amazed that Wyatt can sleep through anything. Even if Watson wakes up hungry, Wyatt keeps on sleeping. 

This is Wyatt's room after he rearranged furniture to add a roommate. The crib didn't quite fit there so I did a little more arranging but Wyatt was happy with outcome.

A couple of nights ago, I went to check on the boys shortly after we put them to bed, and Wyatt had decided he needed to be a little closer to Watson. They were snuggling in Watson's crib. Too sweet. 


  1. How ABSOLUTELY adorable! You can tell Wyatt will be a wonderful, protective big brother.

  2. Wyatt is such a wonderful big brother and the pictures are just too cute!! Love you guys and miss you all!