Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh, What a Day

Sadie has croup.
I knew this yesterday when I kept her home from church. It was confirmed today when I took her to the doctor for a dose of oral steroids.

While caring for Sadie, the doctor heard Callie cough. She wasn't impressed. Though Callie does not have croup yet, given her history of crummy lungs, she is now on three days of steroids.

Watson has a cold. He wasn't sick enough to warrant any drugs but we are keeping our eye on him.

While at school today, Wyatt fell. He broke his arm.

It is 11:00 PM. I just showered for the day. Impressive.


  1. oh Medders. Not good, not good. I am actually impressed that you did manage a shower on such a day. Hang in there!

  2. I am a stranger to you and your family, but have followed your blogs for years and enjoy reading about your family - BUT - by the time I got to the end of this one and it was "Wyatt fell and broke his arm", my mouth flew open and I said to myself "oh no"! Hang in there - all will be fine --- soon ---.

  3. A day in the life of a Mom with 4 young children.... Hang in there...The croup will improve, the cough will diminish, the cold will run it's course, the broken arm will heal... and you'll still be an amazing Mom..... Love from Alabama.

  4. Somedays it's 3:00 before I get a shower around here...I know what you mean!
    Yay for Callie going to preschool!!!! What a big girl! I know you are so proud! She is such a little miracle. Praise God!
    Praying right now that your crew will all feel better soon!!!!