Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Happens When

What happens when there is a chubby little girl who nurses all day and then decides she only wants a bottle before going to bed at night? Well, the daddy gets the job of giving the bottle.

What happens when that daddy has had a busy day and is extremely tired? Well, he falls asleep while giving the nightly bottle.

And what does the chubby little girl do when her daddy falls asleep? Well, she falls asleep, too. After all, the bottle is no longer in her mouth thanks to the daddy who has fallen asleep on the job.

And what about the mommy who has the daddy and the chubby little girl who have both fallen asleep? Well, she gets to get up at 2 AM to nurse the chubby little girl who normally sleeps through the night because she never finished her nightly bottle.


  1. This is so great! :) I love that you took pictures and blogged about it (even though it meant getting up at 2am).

  2. Oh funny! obviously the pictures came before the 2 AM feeding!!! I gave the pics to our friends and will show them to our usher/greeter team today of the family.

  3. Heather in West FargoAugust 2, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    Aww, cute post!

    I've never commented, but I've been following your story since before the girls were born!! :)

  4. Such a great testament to parenthood...Love it! Hope to see you all someday!