Monday, October 24, 2011

We are home and in the process of learning our new normal. I have not yet figured out how to have 4 children. My biggest accomplishment of the day was walking to school. Wyatt walked, Callie and Sadie rode in the wagon and Watson was in the sling attached to me. It worked nicely. It probably will continue to work nicely until there is ice on the ground. Then I will have to rethink my plan.

I have come to realize I am intimidated by having four kids. I don't know when I will get the nerve to go anywhere (besides walking to school) with all of them. Me versus 4 children. Oh my, I would be incredibly outnumbered. Miss Sadiebug is my wild card right now. She is learning that she now has to walk more because I can't carry her as much. That is giving her more freedom to explore her surroundings and ignore her mother. She is fiesty and I am trying to figure out how to reign that in while also understanding she has had to give up her "baby" status to become a "big sister." Most of the time she loves doting on Watson but if I think she is being a little too helpful, an earsplitting tantrum is soon to follow, thus my fears about taking her out in public.

We have been back in Fargo for a week now and are working on new routines. Jason was off all last week so it was incredibly convenient to have an extra set of hands. Now that I am solo during the day, I am finding it little more difficult. To help with bonding, we try to hold Watson as much as possible. I haven't quite figured out how to multitask while doing that. I am also a little under the weather so that is not helping my ability to be topnotch. Hopefully with each passing day I will start to feel better and I will learn how to be a more proficient mother of four.

We think Watson is adjusting to our family wonderfully. I had expected a fussy, unsettled baby but he is neither of those. He loves to snuggle and be held and sleeps wonderfully well during daylight hours or when he is sleeping right next to us. We are still working on the sleeping at night part, though. He also likes to eat. Every three hours. Around the clock. No matter how much we try to feed the little guy, it will only tide him over for three hours.

Watson had his first pediatrician visit here in Fargo and it went wonderfully. She thought he looked and sounded great and he is growing nicely. Must be the 3 hour feedings. He is fighting a cold right now thanks to the helpfulness of his younger sisters. We all got sick on our way back and Callie and Sadie just can't stay away from him so they passed their cold on to him. I will be glad when we are all healthy again.


Hanging out in Mommy's lap.


  1. I think you are amazing Kelli! I throw my hands up in the air at least once each day with only two little ones. Good luck as you find your "normal" and if you figure out how to prevent those tantrums, let me know:)

    Emily Frazier

  2. If you ever need help or an hour or so to go to the store, I am here! Feel free to give me a buzz or just stop on by :-)

    -Your neighbors Erin & Tyler

  3. God is so awesome!!! I am so excited about your newest addition! He is ADORABLE! As a fellow mom of 4, You will make it! Praying for your family as you continue to adjust and find your "normal"

    Ambre (Burdette) Harris

  4. Could he be any cuter???????????
    Oh my goodness! What a sweet little gift from the Lord!
    I can totally relate to being a little anxious about taking all the kiddos out at once. I have one or two that *might* make a itty bitty scene. one or two. or nine or ten!!!!!! LOL!

  5. Ange and Justin GodfreyOctober 28, 2011 at 5:22 AM

    Watson is beautiful! You and Jason are so blessed! Wyatt, Callie and Sadie are growing so fast, thank you for the pictures and updates! We will be a family of six (4 children) in Feburary, so please share your tricks for keeping it all together. We are praying for you guys has you all adjust to a new baby.