Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Forgotten Birthday

I originally had grand plans for Jason's and Callie's birthday. Since they are only a few days apart, it was going to be one large party. And since Jason was going to be 33 and Callie was turning 3, it was going to be very convenient for decorating (add one three for Jason, remove it for Callie). The only problem was I ran out of time, and Jason got the raw end of the deal. I don't think he really minded, though. Jason's birthday is on Halloween so we spent the morning at church and the afternoon at Trunk-n-Treat handing out candy to over 1500 kids and the evening handing out raisins and Scarrots to neighbors. I actually forgot it was Jason's birthday until we were going to sleep that night. Oops. We had a small party the next day so I at least acknowledged his special day. I did make up for it by getting Jason a scope for his rifle - just in time for deer season.
And just in case you are wondering what Scarrots are, here's a picture. They're baby carrots, packaged to look like Halloween candy. Nothing's scarier than vegetables on Halloween! And yes, we really did hand these out. I am anti-halloween and anti-candy. What's funny is kids thought they were junk food so they were the first to go. I admit, there were probably a few disappointed kids but maybe there were some happy parents. I wonder if we will have any trick or treaters next year...


  1. Oh my goodness...where did you ever find those scarrots? I think that's a fantastic idea.

  2. I think it is wonderful! My boys have always loved baby carrots, and that was one thing they missed during the "braces years"! My trips to the salad bar at any restaurant had to include the matchstick cut carrots for them.