Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Project

Jason thought it would be fun if I blogged about things I do when I am not pulling out my child's tummy tube or cloroxing school lockers. I really enjoy crafts - mainly those involving material.

This weekend I had a chance to refinish some chairs. I have been wanting a new chair to put Callie's booster seat on, and I thought a matching chair for Sadie's seat would nice. A week ago we were leaving our house and noticed that our neighbor had 4 chairs on her lawn with a sign reading "FREE - Please take all 4." So I did.

Using leftover paint from a previous project, material remaining from the kitchen curtains I sewed and less than $5 worth of materials from the hardware store, I made the chairs quite functional for our house.

This is one of the chairs right off the neighbor's lawn.

It was a little worn from years of use.

Here is a finished chair with a fresh coat of paint, new foam, new material and a few extra screws to make it more sturdy. What you might not be able to tell is there is also vinyl covering the new material. Not the most aesthetically pleasing thing, but highly practical considering two little girls are going to be learning to eat in these chairs.

Callie looked at the chairs and said, "I like. Eat." I guess that works for me.


  1. Here's hoping that she really wants to eat in that chair :)

  2. So that is what a finished project looks like. I'm glad someone has them. Mine are all 1/2 done, maybe 3/4 :)

    How are you guys???

  3. I followed your story while we were stationed in North Dakota. I grew up in the Red River valley, married an AF soldier moved around for eight years, and then came back for a few years. We received orders a couple years ago. Our computer crashed and I lost your blog. I read the Fargo Forum on line. I was so thankful and excited to see Callie's story in the paper. I cried when I seen how well she is doing and that you were blessed with another blessing last spring. Happy Early Thanksgiving!

  4. How cute!! I love the chairs and what Callie said!