Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten

Wyatt had his first day of kindergarten yesterday. It was a huge day for him and possibly an even bigger day for me. Besides my time spent on bedrest and with Callie in the hospital, I have been with this little guy every day for the past five years. Wyatt was THRILLED to be starting school, and even though it was bittersweet for me, I was very excited for him.

I think it is in the How to Be a Parent handbook, that you must get a picture of your kindergartener on the front porch on the first day of school.

It is a much better smile in this picture.

Jason was able to go into work a little later, so he was able to walk with us. I love that we have neighborhood schools, so we only have a short walk to school.

Wyatt gets a locker. He initially just stuffed everything in the locker, so we had to remind him that he needs to unpack his backpack first.

Wow, he is grown up.

Not the best facial expression, but here he is settled in his desk and ready to work. I tried to get him to use crayons but he insisted on using markers...until his teacher came by and told him it was a crayon day.
Wyatt had a great day at school, and I survived. I was a little teary after I left since his parting words were "I'm not so sure about this." He was joyful when I picked him up, though. He described his day as "fun" and his teacher as "a lot of fun." He enjoyed eating lunch in the lunchroom (he told me I packed too much food), he had a rest time (though he did not sleep) and he got to play on the playground (but he didn't get to play for a really long time because lunch took so long). He told me that he would love to go back.
Wyatt's prayer last night was "Thank you God that I can go to school now."
The boy was up at 6:45 this morning ready for the day. School doesn't start until 8:40. I was not ready for the day. He was a little timid this morning but ended up having another great day. Hopefully his passion for school will last for a while!


  1. Dear Wyatt,
    I loved school too!! I can't wait for you and Simon to compare your kindergarten experiences!

  2. oh, I'm choking up a bit thinking about Samuel's first day of school! Good thing I have several years to prepare. After the first day, you have learned that you clearly need to pack less food so that lunch will not take so long to eat and there will be more time to play! :)
    Off to make a milkshake,

  3. You must be so proud and happy! My mother has pictures of all 13 of us on the front porch our first day of school every year K-12, so I continued the tradition.

  4. I still can't believe it! And he looks so tall next to his locker!

    PS... I have pictures for Sadie!